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3D animation, 3d Modeling, Product Design, Rapid Prototyping, UI design, Web Design, Graphic Design and much more.

Meet Fernando Sosa

Fernando Sosa

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To obtain a full time job where my education, experience, skills and creativity have a place to shine and lead to the achievement of organizational goals and career growth.


Experience in managing outsourcing teams of artists usually Web Developers and 3D Modelers for numerous projects. Teams varied in size, skill and location all over the world. I have managed teams in China, Turkey, Georgia, South America and more. I have managed projects with up to 40 Artists.



Fluent in Spanish and Understand Portuguese.
Excellent communication and project management skills with working experience in the advertising industry as a web developer, illustrator and video editor.


Web Development Skills

  • Planning, designing, and implementing web site structure
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) design
  • Web Development (Flash, HTML, front end PHP, CSS, ASP, Actionscript)
  • Dynamic Forms using PHP. (not interested in Back end only development)
  • Web and layout design (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CSS)
  • Knowledge of new compression standards to broadcast video over the internet (Cleaner, CS4 Video Encoder)
  • Understanding of screen resolutions and how to design for them.
  • Testing with multiple browsers and operating systems to ensure the best compatibility possible

Graphic Design/Illustration

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Fireworks in Macintosh & PC environments
  • Designing and laying out advertisements from business cards to 6’ by 40’ booths
  • Designing graphics, logos and animations for websites
  • Digital imagery and retouching at a professional level
  • I'm also an award winning illustrator taking ideas and concepts and making them come to life from hand drawings to full blown illustrations. (2007 creative excellence award)


Video Editing and Compositing

  • Putting together animations, video and special effects using Final Cut Pro and Premiere CS3.
  • Adding special effects and compositing using Aftereffects, shake, and motion.
  • Sound creation and editing using garage band and final cut
  • Experience with many types of compression in order to fit different media such as web and broadcast quality using Cleaner and adobe CS3 Video Encoder.


3D Modeling and Animating

  • Experienced reading and understanding AutoCAD, topography and landscape plans.
  • Character and environment design.
  • Experience in story boarding and timing animations.
  • High poly and low poly modeling for real-time and high quality stills in both Maya, 3D Max.
  • Experience dealing with complex rigging and weight painting.
  • High res and low res texturing and bump mapping.
  • Experience in animating for short films and video game.


                                University Of Central Florida              Orlando, Florida
BS In Digital Media - Computer Animation with a minor in Studio Art and Web Development

Summary of

July 2012 – December 2012                             Sears Home Pro                                      Orlando, Florida
Media Supervisor

  • Supervise a group of media designers and 3D modelers that are redoing a sales presentation using Video, Flash and 3D technology.
  • Programs used include Flash, Maya, Modo, After Effects, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Unity etc.

June 2010 – July 2012                             General Dynamics                                      Orlando, Florida
Flash Developer

  • Graphic User Interface development for Educational interfaces for online educational interfaces.
  • Graphic User Interface development mobile applications for the Army and Air force.
  • Graphic development in 2D and 3D for Medical, Educational and vocational training courses. (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Development and construction of 3D models for Avatar delivery technology (maya, 3d max, CrazyTalk, Unity, flash.

Aug 2008 – June 2010              Electronic Arts – Madden 2010/11   PS2/PSP/Wii                 Orlando, Florida
Graphic User Interface Designer

  • Designed In-Game graphics and Graphic User interface for PS2, PSP, Xbox and Wii.
  • Designed GUI, graphics and animation using Photoshop, illustrator, flash and maya.
  • Did mock ups and storyboarding using after effects, Flash and maya.
  • Optimized images for in game play and imported the images using I-Studio Tide and Build Studio.
  • Programmed animations and menus using a language that uses a mixture of action script and         C sharp using proprietary software called I-Studio.
  • Later on I became in charge of training new employees and organizing workflow management for the UI dept.

Sept 2008 – Aug 2008     /                 Orlando, Florida
Flash Developer

  • Flash Animations and Banners (Maya, After Effects, Dreamweaver)
  • Email Campaigns and Online Tutorials using Flash and After Effects for the company websites. .
  • Redesign of the whole educational package for market traders using illustrator, and flash.

February 2008 – Sept 2008               Tourico holidays / lastminutetravel            Orlando, Florida
Multimedia Specialist

  • In charge of all multimedia presentations for all companies under Tourico inc.(,,,,, etc. )
  • In this position I used After Effects, Maya and Flash to render animations and presentations for the company. Presentations were put online using flash and Dreamweaver using ActionScript, CSS, front end PHP, HTML, and some ASP.
  • For a couple of months I did all the Graphic design which included but not limited to Email Campaigns, logo design, Ad design, Landing Pages, booth design, etc.

August 2006 – February 2008                   G&G Advertising             Orlando, Florida
Web Developer  /  Illustrator

  • In this position I was able to take part in all aspects of this Interactive Advertising agency and was able to earn the title of Multimedia Specialist.
  • I designed email campaigns, logos, websites, flash animations, animated banners, ad campaigns, etc. (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) (2007 creative excellence award)
  • I illustrated and story boarded flash animations, custom logos, ad campaigns, 3d characters, etc.

(Illustrator, Corel Painter, Photoshop)

  • I build Websites using HTML, CSS, front end PHP, ASP, and ActionScript (Flash, Dreamweaver)
  • I created Motion Graphics, animated logos, edited animations, splash pages and made flash animations using After Effects, Shake, Motion, Flash, and Final Cut.
  • Compressed videos for online delivery using Flash video encoder, cleaner

August 2006 – February 2008                    Orlando, Florida
Production Assistant / Production Manager

  • Production assistant/manager for a leading architectural renderings company.
  • The company that I worked for is a broad-spectrum company that converts AutoCAD files to 3d models and renders them into highly detailed still pictures and full-length animations.
  • At certain points of production I was in charge of over 40 artists. Everything from blackline artists to 3d modelers and special effects artists.
  • Tasks include asset gathering and review, client meetings, team management, scheduling, work distribution, problem solving, workflow and deadline management.  

2003-PRESENT               /                              Orlando, Florida
Freelance Web Developer / illustrator / Animator

  • Web design and front end developer for numerous clients
  • Company Identity creation, everything from logos and letterheads to product and label design.
  • Illustrations for Ads and multimedia (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Motion Graphics and multimedia AV presentations for video or Internet. (After Effects, Premier, Motion, Final Cut, Flash, Dreamweaver, Shake)
  • Clients include Reamp Studios, Whiteshark Creations, TouricoHolidays, TravelHoldings,,,,, etc.
  • Experience managing subcontractor in bigger projects with tight deadlines.


About Me

I'm a multimedia specialist because i wear multiple hats and knowledge of different softwares and can do everything necessary to get the work done.

  • Located in the central Orlando Area
  • (407) 2861-8156
  • Fernando.z.sosa at